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What to Wear as a Guest This Wedding Season

This time of year brings a busy wedding season accompanied by wedding showers, bachelorette parties, and potentially a slew of other occasions that will have you scouring your closet for something fabulous to wear. While this might bring frustration and dread to some women, Karla Turney of online boutique Sash in Ontario, Canada loves attending weddings.

“You get to a certain age and stage of life and weddings become one of the few occasions to get gussied up and head out for a night of dancing,” said Turney, a local businesswoman.

As you scour your closet for the just-right outfit, you might find your wardrobe needs a refresh in the wedding attire department. Turney says there are lots of types of weddings you could be attending; formal, backyard bbq, Friday night evening wedding and the list goes on. It’s important to dress to suit your own personal style and comfort is key.

“There’s nothing worse than wearing something that you don’t feel comfortable in, can’t breathe in, can’t sit, can’t move, can’t walk, or worst of all…..can’t dance in,” said Turney. “It’s always great to have an occasion to dress up but make sure feel great and are comfortable.”

Trending this season are back to basics simple, classic feminine cuts and and colors.

Melanie green sheath dress from cestcany.com
Melanie green sheath dress from cestcany.com


The little black dress is always trending and this season some are ditching the dress completely and going with a great trouser or one piece romper. Off the shoulder styles are huge this year and can be carried over to wedding season looks. You can also consider a soft tulle skirt.


Claire Soft Tulle Skirt from cestcany.com
Claire Soft Tulle Skirt from cestcany.com


“We all know it isn’t about us and everyone is looking at the bride, BUT we all like a good occasion to get dressed up and look nice and there’s no shame in that!” said Turney.

A few rules from Karla:

  • Don’t worry about being too dressy AS LONG AS you aren’t concerned about standing out if it is a more casual wedding. If you like to get fancy, go ahead and do it.
  • Don’t wear 6 inch heels if you aren’t a heel person. You will spend the whole night trying to walk and look like you aren’t totally uncomfortable just to end up in bare feet on the dance floor by the end of the night anyways!
  • Be aware of the location of the wedding. It’s never fun to wear stilettos and be sinking into grass all afternoon at a backyard bbq.
  • Don’t wear something you can’t move in, whether it is too tight or too short, if you are uncomfortable it will be obvious and you won’t enjoy your night.
  • Lastly, the most important rule is to just remember this: A woman looks her best when she is confident and feels great, so go ahead wear something that makes you feel fabulous and rock it!


Text via BarrieToday.com

Photos via cestcany.com

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